Is Bitconnect a scam? I’m here to find out…

Is bitconnect a scam?

This is the start of my Bitconnect lending experience. Every day I will upload a screen of my account in Bitconnect lending to document my progress. I put in $640 USD into this account on 10/11/17 with no expectations of ever seeing this money again. Let’s see how long I can ride this wave…

If you are adventurous like me and would like to try out a small amount to see where it takes you, help a brother out and use this referral link. If you send me your bitcoin wallet address in the comments, I will split the referral with you 50/50.

Disclaimer: this is not an investment advise blog, but merely a documentation of my personal experience. Do not invest in any cryptocurrency without thoroughly understanding the risks.

12 thoughts on “Is Bitconnect a scam? I’m here to find out…

  1. Hey, i just deposited $500 into my account using your referral. Are you still doing 50/50 referral bonus? My bitcoin wallet is: 1XHESeYwT5Fnuxb4Cmy8s2ZCdsDC8SGjL

  2. when can you take it out, 10 months from the date you put it in?

    this looks exciting but 10 months is too long for me, it does seem like a ponzi scheme,

    hopefully it goes longer then 10 months,

    i wanted to put 10 grand but i thought it was too risky, i’ll put it in straight into bitcoin instead

    1. Good call, 10k is too risky. I’m hoping to get my money back through returns in about 2.5 months, take that out to cover my investment, and then see where it goes from there…

      1. 2.5 months?
        on their website it says you have to wait 299 days to take out your money, how are you taking it out in 2.5 months

      1. ok i see,

        so i see that you’ve made 93 dollars so far,
        you mean you can take out the 93 dollars right now if you wanted to?

        so if you took out that 93 dollars out right now, would that affect the amount of money you make every day?

        is the amount of money you make everyday based off only your initial amount, the 600

        or from both your initial and the total earned

      2. Hey,

        To take out the 93 dollars I have to convert it to Bitconnect coin, then convert it to Bitcoin, and then take out the Bitcoin.
        You have 4 options with the returns (in this case $93):
        1) you can leave it as USD values, which is just dead money sitting around doing nothing for you
        2) you can reinvest it and earn interest on the $93 in addition to initial investment. This would equate to a compounding interest.
        3) you can convert the $93 into Bitconnect coin. This is a good option if Bitconnect coin value is growing faster than the interest you earn
        4) you can convert it to Bitcoin and take it out

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